Born to be a Star

When I am asleep I am in complete bliss and nothing more exist.

Today I woke up and my conscious started reminding me of who I was

As my eyes started to see the sunlight sliver through the curtains I started to remember the people in my life.

As I began to think of these people and started to see their roles in my life I started to wonder what makes them so special to have a lead role in my life?

As the blanket started to feel warmer on my body I became frustrated at these major players in my life.

Today I have decided to see if their role is worth a second scene in my life.

The movie of my life doesn’t have much more footage than anyone I know but my footage is real and nothing is a hoax.

Today I write a new movie so when I wake tomorrow the people who I start to remember who are in my life will not have a leading role until they can take their role seriously.

10 date ideas for couples on coronavirus lockdown

So you are stuck in a small space with your significant other all day. They are your coworker, your therapist, your workout buddy and sometimes, be honest, the object of your wrath because you are human and you can only silently yell at yourself for so long.

Still, just because it’s hard and different and yes, the absolute worst, that doesn’t mean you have to let your romance die.

Here are 10 ideas for couples on lockdown who are hoping to stay together once the restrictions are lifted.

Surprise birthday party

So what if it isn’t your significant other’s birthday? Pretend it is! Make an occasion out of it. Bake a cake and order delivery, but don’t tell them what you are doing. Make a card and maybe a little gift and tell them to stay in the bedroom while you set everything up. When they come out, yell “Surprise!”

Just think, since it’s not their birthday, they will be even more surprised.

Spend a whole day in separate rooms, meet up in the evening

If you have more than one room, try your best to stay apart for the entire day. If you live in a studio apartment, pretend you can’t see each other. Text each other if you want to talk. At the end of the day, “come home” and meet up in the kitchen and remember how nice it used to be to have someone to talk to about your day who hadn’t experienced the whole thing right next to you.

“Love Is Blind” night

Pretend you are contestants on “Love Is Blind” by going into adjacent rooms, drinking wine, and asking each other personal questions through the wall.

Schedule a movie night with treats

Plan ahead and really go for it. Pay for a new movie you haven’t seen before on demand. Get some microwave popcorn going. Buy some M&M’s. When the time comes to start the movie, put your phones far out of reach and cuddle up.

Alone time

OK, so this isn’t quite a date, but it’s a gift you can give your partner — clean the kitchen, make sure the laundry is folded and then take the kids and go for a drive, giving them an hour to just relax alone in silence.

No-COVID night

Spend an entire evening together, playing board games and doing your best not to mention COVID-19. Come up with a punishment — if you mention the virus, do a pushup, until your arms are so tired you couldn’t possibly say it again.

Double date with friends over Zoom

Missing your friends? Plan a night where you hang out over Zoom or another video platform with another couple that you both actually like. Play some games or just pour yourselves a drink and talk to each other.

The chef and the bartender

Assign yourselves jobs — one person is the chef and one person is the bartender. The chef makes a special dinner while the bartender whips up a fancy cocktail. Next week, switch roles.

Weekly takeout night

Put it in your calendar — once a week, if you can afford it, try to get take or delivery and just relax. No fancy cooking, no baking, no dishes, just supporting the local economy and eating something you couldn’t make at home.

Yard/indoor picnic

Make yourself a picnic and enjoy it together, in your yard, on your porch or even on the floor of your living room. Just a change of venue can make things new and less terrible.

— Lizzy Acker



Life can get us down sometimes but we have to remember that we are source energy and everything we do is related to GOD.

We must keep our faith and keep our eyes open to focus on the main goal which is to live in complete bliss. We will need to focus on what’s good and that IS NOT materialism it’s a peace of mind.

We seem to forget that asking for a peace of mind is the main objective to getting everything we want.

We do not have to write a material list that contains objects of no value. We have to feel in our heart what makes up our happy world. The happy world we want does not consist of unicorns and rainbows. It consists of appreciating the things you have overcome and are looking forward to overcoming.

Let’s start by reminding ourself of all the things we have overcome. Doing that will allow us to remember that wonderful feeling of winning the battle of life.

I believe.

I believe if we have faith we will get through this

I believe that if we can actually all gather ourselves into a stronger consciousness that allows us to see the future and invision brighter days we can get through this

I believe if we began to love ourselves and one another we will get through this

Once we get the things done that we have always wanted to get done I believe we will get through this.

I believe if we have faith we will get through this

Astoria park May 21, 2020

Practice a little self-love

Practice some radical self-acceptance and start embracing yourself and the struggles you’ve overcome to bring you to this point in your life. Try to view your mistakes and missteps through the lens of someone who cares for you, and try to extend a little of that compassion that they have for you to yourself. Get close to you, and all those ugly bumps, bruises and scrapes that make you the imperfect person that you are today. If you want to get truly close to others, get truly close to yourself first.


Creating spaces no long faces Can’t do anything with traces I’m steppin back my cases because life is being wasted. In a state of emergency we in a hurry you see

China stop the curve

We try to stop the curve

Listen to the instructions you heard.

Roller derby

I never knew I wanted to be an athlete but here I am at 40 going harder than I did when I was 20. It’s not easy but who knows maybe I’ll be that athlete I never knew I wanted to be because since I was a kid I always loved being in teams and motivating eachother. This is the first i ever spoke in a game, I never knew I had a voice until I actually knew the game and now I want to be an athlete at 40. #rollerderby