Born to be a Star

When I am asleep I am in complete bliss and nothing more exist.

Today I woke up and my conscious started reminding me of who I was

As my eyes started to see the sunlight sliver through the curtains I started to remember the people in my life.

As I began to think of these people and started to see their roles in my life I started to wonder what makes them so special to have a lead role in my life?

As the blanket started to feel warmer on my body I became frustrated at these major players in my life.

Today I have decided to see if their role is worth a second scene in my life.

The movie of my life doesn’t have much more footage than anyone I know but my footage is real and nothing is a hoax.

Today I write a new movie so when I wake tomorrow the people who I start to remember who are in my life will not have a leading role until they can take their role seriously.

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