I am a peaceful soul.

I love soft music with deep meanings.

I enjoy watching the birds sing, while I read a book in the park.

I light up when I see universe show me signs.

Sometimes when I am walking I can spot a white butterfly who shows me that I am exactly where I should be.



Goddess Menhit 


Goddess Menhit In ancient Egypt, Menhit was the foreign war goddess of Nubian origin. Her name Menhit, sometimes spelled as Menchit, Menhet, Menkit, Menkhet, translates into “the slaughterer”, “the one who sacrifices”, or “she who massacres”. Because of her very aggressive and warrior-like character, she is sometimes known as the goddess of lions. She was less commonly known as the Crown goddess. [1]

Universal Lover

a sliver in time

a second on earth

we existed

and we will exist again

every 500 years there is a set of new humans, recycled souls

the earth is older than 6 billion years old

experiencing the beauty of this world

together we own, the sky,  the stars, the ocean, the moon, the universe.







How to listen to your heart

A busy, stressful life gets in the way of knowing what you really want because you can’t hear your heart anymore.
  1. Don’t say yes, when your heart says no. Your heart knows long before you take time to consider what you’ll say. …
  2. Create space. …
  3. Make time. …
  4. Put your hand on your heart. …
  5. Find your way back to love.