There we are

​My friend will be a lover of good company and pleasure.
We will endure the earth’s and all of its measures.
I will remain in alignment and you with no pressure.
I know that you and I are Manifestors and created a treasure.
We are more than living right now together.  

In love

In love… there is laughter,
there sure are many chapters,
but to love first …… have to love yourself-
as the master…
once you can capture,
your rapture,
your heart will beat faster
and you will be able to share love and you avoid disaster
of a fracture in your heart
if you love yourself from the start…

smile :)

smile beautiful,
life is full of wonders…
that no one can endure but you..
you are the key to your happiness and faith..
the times is ticking…
today is the youngest you will ever be…
so come walk with me..
on a journey called life….


​I want to share some of my time, write new stories, without letting our past define our future, a fresh love, a new love, keeping each other in good company when we need it.
Those who have tales, live in their past and dwell in their pains. I won’t share my saddest story because that story is not me. I am energy.