The Creative Forest Goddess Sadv


Another deity coming out of the Celtic pantheon is the lovely and ancient Sadv.

She’s a forest goddess, and brings creativity in a magical, earthy, forest-like, deer spirit sort of way.  She’s the mother of the Oisin, the poet, and she’s an earthy creative sage with her white hair, blue-grey eyes and scarlet robes. She’s connected to doe, fawn and deer, so soft and lovely she must be! Sadv’s creative spirit is the soft flowing branches of the trees, the mystical tenderness of the doe and the dew that drops from the leaves as the creative drips form a pool of water below.

In some Celtic legends she appears as a hind (female deer) and has the gift of speech. She is described as  white fairy deer. In other legends she is described as a sidhe fairy. You can also seek Sadv when you need aid for your animal friends, or when you are looking for a familiar.



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