Teach our children

We should teach our children how to really live, avoid debt, unnecessary credit, things we don’t need to get us in debt. We only need a place to sleep, food to eat, knowledge is free but people charge for necessary knowledge, they too need to survive, caught in the web..Survivial is a greedy green paper world, which now is invisible and mainly digital.  .There’s no reason why we should buy things we don’t need, upgrade to things that don’t feed.The earth is beautifully designed for us to enjoy without coming out of pocket for the best pleasures in life, that’s why the best things are for free. It temporarily feels good to have nice things but it’s important to understand that we grow up in a world that is designed for us to live and feed off stress. We worry about money to pay bills….We go to college to learn a trade to work, graduating into debt, then we use credit to buy nice clothes to wear to work …to make it to work with the car we leased to pay these bills…..Along with insurance that we may never use.. all paid with the job you got prepared for, where you spend most of your life working for someone else taking a risk with their dream..Keen lake summer 2016

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