I think I wrote you a song

Been up all night there’s no song that I’ll write

that describes your moon light

Your existence enters my conscious

And feels like flying,

you’re here without trying,

kiss your lips forever with mine,

slow sip your love like a glass of red wine,

My bad, If I’m coming on too strong,

its been so damn long,

since I’ve been turned on,

I, to blame ,

dream of twin flames,

you inspire me, what can I say

don’t know me today?

you’re miles away-

what to say-

I put myself on the spot,

thinking to myself, how you’re so fucking hot,

Can I get a little of your time?

I know this is not something you’ll expect,

but I want to make you feel amazing,

just ask me what’s next?

I’ll add special effects so you can feel your heart pump in your chest

When you’re feeling lonely,

feel my essence in your presence,

I’m home alone feeling your style,

sitting in front of the computer writing you a song,

Its been a while-
It’s be so long-
I love your smile-

thinking of you makes me feel like a child,

I’ve been thinking of you, time to time, my worlds are not the same

I’ll try for your heart, from the start

your soul is a piece of art-

bringing new things into my realm of dreams

Illustration of cancer astrological sign as a beautiful girl


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