A True Emotion

Why is it that we sometimes repel Love?  Is it intentional or is it subconscious?  Whatever the reasons, they can be quite complex.  Some of us have been traumatized whether in this lifetime or another.  We simply may be afraid.  Even so, it is not always advantageous to stay with the same person throughout an entire lifetime.  There will be many that will not like to hear this, but nevertheless it is true.

Love is more important than anything.  If you have not known Love, you have not known true happiness, for happiness is love.  Some believe that happiness is in money or possessions, but the real source of happiness is in knowing love.

Love begins in the spiritual realm.  It is a powerful and true and pure emotion.  We all long to know and remember that which we once knew, but our vision has been clouded, yet we struggle to regain what we recognize as the very center of our being.


#pleiadians #love #starseed #emotions

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