I have this mindset that won’t be broken down for anyone. It is superior, it is courageous and of course it makes me inferior to anyone’s behavior.
It’s a great thing being able to handle your own emotions especially if it is someone’s actions, decision, behavior that caused you to feel a certain way.
In my 20’s I was strong minded but yet naive to life. I mean all I had to reflect on was my teenager days and you really can’t use those mistakes to mold yourself.
When I turned 30 years old was a big deal. I was able to reflect on my mistakes I made as an adult and what I learned was that I was emotionally unstable.

As the years past… At the age 33 I began to see clear… I became hungry for knowledge on controlling my emotions and making myself happy with myself. And BOOM there it was, CLARITY!

The clarity of not letting others affect my attitude.

Once I learned that, I began to become happy inside and out.. I began to forgive others for making me feel a certain way.

Today I try to share what I learned. It hurts me to see others suffer from the actions of others.

It bothers me to see a woman starve for a mans attention. I learned that BAD LOVE is not LOVE but just a challenge we believe to be love.. when the real deal is…we LOVE challenges.

LOVE does not make you sad.

The End.





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