A little more about me..

I have been up.
I have been down.
I have met so many people who have brought all kinds of different events into my life.

I was a mother at a very young age,
and with the motivation to raise my son with the proper care and necessities to live a normal I life I have struggled, hustled, loved, hated, striven all this for my son.

I found God at a very young age and what I have to say about him is nothing but praise. He has given me strengths and enlightenment and most of all he has given me sight.

My life has never been better… Today.. tomorrow and of course yesterday.. I live for the moment.. And everything that has gone has not been forgotten but has been removed. I don’t worry much about the future, and if I did it will be at the very moment.. No one wants to live there life worrying about the next when you have not even left the NOW.


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