My Nany. Oh how much I will miss you on this earth

My Nany. Oh how much I will miss you on this earth

My grandmother
the kindest woman I ever knew
and if you were lucky to have met her,
I’m pretty sure, she will love you too!
She was the warmest part of my soul,
the first person in my family I seen grow old,
it’s SO sad to say
god has taken his angel away
WE’LL think about her everyday!
SHE showed us ALL, that we were special to her in every way.

RIP WED. 2:30pm 1/22/2014


Right now is the youngest we’ll ever be.. love your family now. Life goes by fast and life is not easy for anyone. That’s why you have to love, party, and spend time with the people you love, doing the things you love. Because it’s all we have to look forward to.


I have this mindset that won’t be broken down for anyone. It is superior, it is courageous and of course it makes me inferior to anyone’s behavior.
It’s a great thing being able to handle your own emotions especially if it is someone’s actions, decision, behavior that caused you to feel a certain way.
In my 20’s I was strong minded but yet naive to life. I mean all I had to reflect on was my teenager days and you really can’t use those mistakes to mold yourself.
When I turned 30 years old was a big deal. I was able to reflect on my mistakes I made as an adult and what I learned was that I was emotionally unstable.

As the years past… At the age 33 I began to see clear… I became hungry for knowledge on controlling my emotions and making myself happy with myself. And BOOM there it was, CLARITY!

The clarity of not letting others affect my attitude.

Once I learned that, I began to become happy inside and out.. I began to forgive others for making me feel a certain way.

Today I try to share what I learned. It hurts me to see others suffer from the actions of others.

It bothers me to see a woman starve for a mans attention. I learned that BAD LOVE is not LOVE but just a challenge we believe to be love.. when the real deal is…we LOVE challenges.

LOVE does not make you sad.

The End.