Sometimes.. I’m terrified.. sometimes I am brave… but there are moments that I won’t ever take back… and sometimes I want to show you how much you mean to me… no! sometimes I want to tell you that because of you I now know that I did everything right to lead me to where we are.. I don’t like to express myself when it comes down to it with the fear of scaring someone away… I can be a bit poetic without saying a word.. I want to write you an album.. But I do know one thing that the feelings I feel when I hear your name do not need to be announced.. My heart shows you without speaking.. I get a little embarrassed and scared of being shut down or even getting slapped in my face with rejection. But know one thing… When we are cracking up and breaking night.. laughing at the silly things in life, that is when I can say this is where I was heading all this time.

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