People die,

People cry,

That’s the only truth, to all these lies.

Hello turns into a goodbye.

I love you tonight.

I have one question am i still alive?

I owe it, i own it

I owe it to myself to live my best life

I came into this earth to experience all the joyous moments of my favorite things.

My emotions guide me to a better path. Things that bother me are usually a reflection of myself .

I love everything about this universe

Why wouldn’t i?

I created it.

Right now.

Right now at this moment and every moment we should be living our life to the fullest potential. Take yourself out, cook yourself a romantic dinner, take care of your life. Right now at this moment someone is fighting just to breath, so right now at this moment live in the moment. Don’t think of the future, don’t think of the past, tune into the moment of now.

Skate dates

Once upon a time we went skating during the holiday season and skated down Fifth Avenue and viewed all the Christmas lights and windows, and it felt like a dream. I love life and it’s dreams, and i promise myself to make all my dreams come true.